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IBSA pedagogy

Our school trains children to face the world 15 – 20 years ahead. They can no longer learn in the same way as their parents and grandparents. In addition to preparing students to succeed in school and examinations, we also aim to equip them with the fundamental /requisite skills to succeed in their professions, after an enriching higher education career. Thanks to our active teaching methods driven by the management of complex projects. Starting from kindergarten, students acquire basic skills in planning, organising, scheduling and timely delivery of specific work.

A student-centred organisation

Bilingualism or plurilingualism is the ability to draw on a repertoire of skills and knowledge in several languages to deal with various communication situations.

Bilingualism is a particular state of language competence: the ability to use two languages in various situations. We train students to express and reason in both French and English. On completing primary school, our students can express themselves in both French and English and have in-depth knowledge of other subjects. The rate of understanding of the two languages increases with each level to continue at ease, his or her education in the system most preferred by their parents.


The Pedagogical Project

The IBSA pedagogical projects cover all fields of learning. Through the projects, knowledge is shared, acquired, and assessed in all subjects, including mathematics, languages and history. The principle of transversal competence is well illustrated here.

The IBSA learning cycle

The learning wheel is a mechanism put in place by teachers to enhance students’ memory. By comparing themes to real-life situations, doing research, and drawing on previous knowledge, students acquire knowledge and develop their retentive capabilities.


Multi-level classes

The IBSA diversified pedagogy uses a multi-level approach. Wherever possible, we prefer to group children in a multi-age/multi-level class. In all levels, whether or not multi-age, we believe the children are different or unique. A wide range of teaching strategies is thus required depending on their capabilities. They think that everyone in class progresses at the same pace and in the same way, could be misleading. Our teachers consider this diversity.

With our friendly educational atmosphere, multi-level classes facilitate cooperation and encourage independence. Our teachers are well trained and better prepared to deal with the different requirements of the diverse age groups present in the classroom.

The daily reading habit

Our students read a lot in French and English.

Each day, students read for 30 minutes through playful activities in the school. Each child is encouraged to read a recommended book. Pupils, teachers, administrators, maintenance team, etc. all experience the incredible power of reading. Reading facilitates the acquisition of language and enhances the listening and attentiveness capabilities of the child.

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