IBSA Africa


We offer a dual language (English-French) immersion program with equal hours of instruction


How do our innovative methods of teaching guarantee the acquisition of basic knowledges & skills?

Project management

Educational projects cover all fields of learning. Through them, knowledge is acquired and can be evaluated in mathematics, language and history. The principle of transversal competencies is illustrated here.

Sciences & Arts

  • The Science Fair

At the Science Fair, students demonstrate the results of their collaborative science projects in the form of a presentation, a written report, a chart and/or models they have created. 

The Science Fairs are held in English only.


The IBSA Learning Cycle

The learning cycle is the mechanism put in place to enable students to retain information in the long run. Retaining knowledge for the future. Giving life to the different themes they tackle, doing research and drawing on previously acquired concepts to ensure the sustainability of their overall knowledge.

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