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Method of evaluation

Continuous evaluation is performed from GRADE 1/ CP. Continuous evaluation consists of all the pupils’ productions in the development of their learning. Indeed, the new pedagogies refuse to isolate evaluation sessions. This allows the student to be placed in a continuous state of learning. Working to learn more sustainably and not in preparation for a predefined and prescheduled test. We notice a steady investment and a relaxed attitude towards schoolwork which produces better results.

Assessments may be oral or written. They can be done on paper or on screen. They can lead to presentations. We utilize all means that can allow the children to express themselves and show their unique talents.

Classroom projects

Conducted in groups in class and out of class when necessary.


They are given homework according to a timetable that will be given to you at the start of each academic year. The teacher will provide you with instructions on where to find the homework, when the students are given the homework, and when the submission will be due. They can be assessed on specific criteria, including execution.

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