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Our school prepares children to face the world in 15 – 20 years. They can no longer learn in the same way as their parents and their parents’ parents.

More than enabling students to succeed in school and examinations, our aim is to give them the fundamental tools to succeed in their professional life, after a very rewarding journey.

Thanks to our active teaching methods based on conducting complex projects from kindergarten onwards, learners develop skills in planning, organising, scheduling and timely delivery of specific work.

A learner-centered team

The knowledge is available, no need to know it by heart. On the other hand, one needs to be able to adapt to change, have creative thinking and an open mind so as not to be on the side-lines of technological developments.

The 21st century offers us a complex, diverse and open world. It is important to expose our students to different cultures.

We believe in experiential learning. Our active bilingual pedagogy begins at the age of 2 years in pre-school.

Multi-level classes

IBSA’s tailored approach is a multi-level approach. Wherever possible, we prefer to group students in a multi-age/multi-level class.

In all classes, whether multi-age or not, the children are all different. They need a wide variety of teaching strategies depending on their personalities. To believe that everyone progresses at the same time and in the same way is inaccurate. Our teachers take this diversity into account.

In our atmosphere of positive education, multi-level classes facilitate cooperation and autonomy. Our teachers are trained and prepared to deal with the different requirements of the age groups present in the classroom.

Daily Reading Time

Our students read a lot in French and English.

Every day for 30 minutes, not a sound in the school: everyone takes a book and reads. Pupils, teachers, administrative staff, maintenance team, etc… We all experience the amazing power of reading.

Reading facilitates the acquisition of language and allows the child to develop the ability to listen and concentrate.

Continuous learning with IBSA Online

Isn’t going to school possible?

IBSA invites itself to your home (at least in your computer, tablet, or smartphone). IBSA online is our online learning window that ensures differentiated pedagogical continuity. These are social and academic interaction solutions. 

NB: IBSA Online has also been designed as a link platform between home and school, apart from any disturbance of the school rhythm.

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