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Educational Project

The academic vision of our school is to provide an all-round education that allows students to reach their intellectual, manual and artistic potential. With this in mind, we deliver an outstanding academic teaching and develop the social skills of the child.

International Bilingual Schools of Africa provides a bilingual education in a multicultural environment. Our high quality teaching methods are designed to encourage students to realise their intellectual capacity at an early age while developing their independence of spirit, self-determination and an awareness of their responsibilities as future citizens.

Mme Konaté,

Pedagogical Director

Email:[email protected]

Objectives and pedagogical approach.


  1. Develop the personality and potential of every student by encouraging, throughout their life, creative thinking, critical reasoning, confident selfexpression and an openness to learning.
  2. Equip students with excellent skills in at least two languages, thus encouraging relationships with people of all nationalities and developing understanding and appreciation of all cultures.
  3. Provide them with a basic level of knowledge, understanding and fundamental skills.
  4. Foster in our students a sense of self-respect and respect for others, and encourage them to fulfil their responsibilities as creative and healthy citizens of the world.

Our guiding principles are an international awareness, an all-round education,
academic excellence and individual supervision.

Teaching Method

Our school values all learning styles. Our teaching approach is to deliver
comprehensive and balanced teaching in both French and English languages,
which ensures that a broad knowledge is acquired by all learners of diverse

We provide a wide range of activities designed to identify and develop the
intellectual, physical and artistic potential of our children.

Our team of qualified and highly skilled teaching staff is given close supervision
and regular assessments thereby ensuring a high quality of teaching.

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